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Our Print Estimating Software offers you a fully integrated browser based solution for your print shop needs Print Estimating Software

Print Estimating Software

 Print Estimating Software you a fully integrated browser based solution for your print shop needs. An estimating system. ePace is an integrated, Print Estimating Software browser based print management system for the Printing and Graphic Art's Industry. Read more about Print Estimating Software . Our advanced software suite includes: Estimating, Print Estimating Software Production Management, Inventory, Purchasing, Data Collection, Integrated Accounting, Shipment, Variable Data and eCommerce solution modules.

Our Print Estimating Software offers you a fully software based solution for your print shop needs

With our advanced Print Estimating Software increase estimating production and streamline workflows.

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Print Estimating Software
Any print that causes a direct impact on your management business needs. A print solution for your future.
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"We are excited to join EFI's print management line-up and to be able to leverage EFI's integration expertise, worldwide reputation and financial strength to provide our valued customers with an even higher quality of service."

~ Jay Farr, CEO of Pace Systems Group

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Add-On Modules


The Cost-Based Estimating Module

The EFI Pace System is well known for its use of artificial intelligence to prepare cost estimates quickly and accurately. This intuitive system enables you to run an estimate and plan the job after you enter only minimal information. It also includes advanced search capabilities that provide you with critical information necessary to make important decisions.

Designed for fast data entry and easy use

Users can enter the primary information on only one screen and quickly arrive at an estimated price. If needed, estimators can view all the details by department to change the parameters, review other possibilities, and make adjustments as required.

Determines the most cost-effective production plan using your shop standards and estimating attributes

This module uses the information you enter in conjunction with your shop standards and defaults to analyze possible combinations of prepress workflows, presses, paper sizes, plates, impositions, and run methods, as well as finishing, shipping and mailing workflows. It then selects the most cost-effective way to produce the job within the given parameters. You can also add other information such as bleeds, varnishes, heavy ink coverage, or any miscellaneous operations along the way. The system automatically calculates and verifies each piece of information to ensure that it fits together with the balance of the job before it produces the final result.

Produces estimates quickly and accurately

The design of this module allows information to flow quickly and easily. For instance, using a two-step process, the system can produce most estimates in 60 seconds or less, completely and accurately. The artificial intelligence enables less experienced estimators to run estimates with consistent and accurate results, while experienced estimators can concentrate on specific areas of concern and skip the details that are obvious to them.

Interfaces with the Accounts Receivable module

Each time you select a customer in an estimate, the system interfaces with the Accounts Receivable module to get specific pricing factors, notes and the latest credit information regarding that customer. You decide how to proceed if the customer’s account is past due or on “credit hold.” Additionally, you can enter notes regarding follow-up dates or competitors for reporting purposes or to facilitate the most accurate estimate possible. This provides the basis for reports that you can generate on demand to help “capture” more quotes and provide information and statistics on any quotes lost to competitors.

Enables you to plan the activities and materials for the production run

This module not only calculates the price of a job, but also plans the job for production, which includes allocating materials and creating a rough schedule for the job. This flows into the production portion of the system once the customer accepts the estimate and the estimate is converted into a job. The artificial intelligence analyzes the estimate once again and plans each required activity with scheduled hours and required materials, so they can be allocated from inventory or scheduled for purchase.

Enables you to create template estimates and automatically saves quote letters

Use this module to automatically prepare a professional and user-defined quote letter, which you can then print, fax, or email to the client or salesperson. The system automatically saves these letters in the database for future retrieval, manipulation and duplication. This enables you to create template estimates and provides historical reference in case you need to refer to a quote for any reason.

Facilitates the fine-tuning of estimate overrides

At any time, estimators can change any automatic selections made by the system. This includes the ability to force the speed, time or spoilage of any activity, as desired. Use the estimator override screen to fine-tune the estimate by adding hours or dollars in any area, or forcing the machine or operation. The system notes these changes for others in case they wish to revise or update the quote at a later time.

Integrated with customer-specific information to assure accurate pricing

This module clearly displays the initial estimate information, which is used to produce the job jacket and related documents. EFI Pace integrates all applicable information into these documents with a complete detailed accounting of the job plan when the estimate is converted to a job.

Enables you to easily capture quoted information for outside services

Collect all the necessary information quoted by each of your outside service vendors in one convenient area including: quote number, product description, flat and per thousand cost for each quantity, as well as user-defined notes. Before converting to a job, you can select a quote and vendor to use for each quantity. This information then automatically flows over to the job with an associated activity code to be used for scheduling, costing and tracking.